Enjoying our last few Coloradan days

◊ 5.31.2017 ◊ Boulder, CO

After a couple of days spent in Colorado Springs, we still had another week until the end of the month and our scheduled departure for the East Coast. We decided to drive back up to the Boulder area, since we got snowed out previously.

We got there on a stormy weekend, so climbing was not an option. We spent some time downtown, strolled the vibrant main street of Pearl Street Mall, and happened to be there for the Boulder Creek festival. We got lots of free food samples, and listened to some good local bands. As I am sure everyone knows already, Boulder is a pretty awesome town, so be sure to visit if you are in the area.

When the storm finally passed, we headed up Boulder Canyon and climbed a couple of great classic two-pitch climbs: The Owl on The Dome, and Jackson’s Wall on Castle Rock.

castle rock

The following day was expected to be rainy in the afternoon, so we settled for an early mountain bike ride at the Betasso Preserve. The flowy single-track was a lot of fun! And we got back just in time to the truck as the sky opened and rain came in. (The weather can change very fast in Colorado)


Our next climbing destination in the Boulder area was Eldorado Canyon State Park. It is a spectacular 1000ft deep canyon, and its sandstone walls are very colorful: shades of gold, rust, ebony, and gray. It is one of the most famous trad climbing destinations of the country, and one of the oldest, ranked with Yosemite and the Gunks. Almost 75% of the park’s annual visitation is comprised of climbers.

P1050149 small

We summited the Bastille, climbing up the most famous route in the canyon: the Bastille Crack. We did it in 4 pitches, sandwiched between the many other parties who climbed it that day.

P1050174 copy

While belaying Scott up pitch 3, some dude showed up next to me, no ropes, no gear aside from his climbing shoes – he was free-soloing the climb – so I let him climb between Scott and I so he wouldn’t have to wait too long.

P1050187 copy

As the month ended, we chose to start driving South and made a stop-over at Table Mountain in Golden for our last day of climbing in Colorado. We climbed a few sport routes, I (Johanna) even tried to trad-lead a route for my first time.


We then started the drive out of Colorado, toward Kansas – next destination: Tennessee!

For more photos see our flickr album… https://www.flickr.com/photos/147541050@N04/


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