Mud Season in Steamboat Springs

While in Moab, we had noticed that the majority of tourists were Coloradans. Some of them told us that they “escape” to Moab in the spring because the weather in their home state is wet, cold, and overall not that nice for outdoor activities. For most of the country spring usually means instant release from winter, sunny warm weather, and clear skies. However, Colorado does things a little differently: here, spring is called “Mud Season”.

Steamboat Springs was our first higher elevation destination in the Rockies. Scott’s Uncle Tony lives just outside of Steamboat in the beautiful countryside, so it was great to visit family. We visited some of downtown, but noticed many businesses were “Closed for Mud Season”. Before we knew it, it started raining, as it did most afternoons.


We then turned to rock climbing the next day, but a lot of the higher elevation crags were still snowed in, or too wet to climb. We found a small rock formation located north of town on Seedhouse Rd. After an easy approach, we took turns climbing most of the routes on the cliff, and enjoyed some sunny weather.


For our last adventure in town, we got to check out the mountain biking trails on Emerald Mountains. Here again, most of the upper mountain was closed due to snow/mud, but many lower elevation trails were still opened and allowed us to have fun for most of the day.


We took Lupine up the mountain (solid climb!), crossed over via Blair Witch (a narrow single track through a dark forest), and rode MGM downhill, plus a short section of NPR, back to the parking lot. Emerald mountain is beautiful, the views of the city and surrounding peaks are amazing, and once again, we lucked out on the weather!


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.19.05 PM_SMALL



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