Moab Off-Road

◊ 4.26.2017 ◊ Moab, Utah

If there is one thing that comes to people’s minds when you mention Moab, it is the off-road culture. The culture is true. Jeeps and similar rigs outnumber everything else 100/1. Off-road RZR’s and dirtbikes are driving on city streets and highways, and you can rent some pretty damn capable rigs to take for an adventure. Along with the vehicles are the mountain bikers. I have never seen such a concentration of mountain bikes. Nearly every vehicle is driving around stacked with top of the line mountain bikes. It felt like we were driving into a playground of dreams when entering town.

Stoked that we had brought our mountain bikes on this trip, we joined the party.  Choosing a trail out of the thousands was no easy task.  We settled on starting at the Moab Brand Trails, just outside of town. These trails offer a great introduction to the single track and slickrock riding in the area… slickrock being what Moab is famous for.

P1030321 small

A few days later we got really lucky. On our way back to our camper after a morning walk, an older man walked up to us and started small talk. He then pointed at his brand new 4-Seat Rzr 1000 and asked if we wanted to go out for a ride with him and his wife. Yes!! We had planned on climbing that day, but the rock wasn’t going anywhere and could wait. What an awesome day it turned out to be. They took us out on Hell’s Revenge 4×4 trail.

P1030474 small

The trail was mostly slick rock, and a damn good thrill. Immediately we had full confidence in Mike’s driving ability, and hung on for the ride.

P1030480 small

Along the way we caught up with a few groups of jeeps and rock crawlers. They were challenging some of the toughest obstacles in the area so we got to hang out and watch! Some made it look easy, while the lesser equipped rigs where entertaining to watch struggle. Everyone loves some good carnage.

The dog in the red jeep below really knew how to hang on when the going got rough, and his owner put the jeep on its side.

P1030572 small

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 7.26.25 AM

After that trail, Mike and June took us up the base of the La Sal mountains and an excellent overlook of Castle Valley.

P1030583 small

P1030591 small

The next wheeled adventure took us back to our mountain bikes. This time we headed to the Klondike Bluffs area. An area similar to the Moab Brand Trails, but more elevation gain and interesting landscape which made for some very fun singletrack and slickrock downhills.

P1030741 small

Hanging out in the Moab area for almost two weeks was an awesome experience. I highly recommend coming here in the spring for anyone active. You will have a blast.

Off to Colorado!


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